Saturday, 18 September 2010

Cover Artist for 36EXP. book

Liz West has been chosen as the cover artist for the 36EXP book.

30.09.10 – 08.10.10
in association with ILFORD PHOTO and BLURB //

Assistant Curator: Sarah Hill


6:30pm – 9:30pm Thursday 30th September 2010

‘36EXP.’ is a photographic exhibition involving 36 artists and 36 contact sheets. The concept of the exhibition is based upon a standard 36 exposure photographic film. Over the past six months, ‘36EXP.’ has been accepting submissions from artists, photographers and students from all over the world, some as far as Canada, India, Israel, China and Australia. The outline of the brief was simply to return to photographic film, whether 35mm, 120mm or slides, and to produce a contact sheet from the roll of film used. The exhibition features a selection of photographs from each artist as well as their contact sheet, providing an unusual combination of ‘finished photograph’ alongside an accompanying contact sheet.

In this diverse exhibition, digital photography is abandoned in an attempt to rejuvenate traditional film methods. Each artist has taken a critical and considered approach to the exhibition of their contact sheet; some have consciously planned each frame, creating ‘aesthetic contact sheets’, whilst others have retained a more organic approach, simply exhibiting the result of using film.

From the exhibition, the work of Liz West, Simon Jones, Philip Bedford, and Chris Spackman, accompanied by a brief comment from them, has been included in this Press Release for your information.

To celebrate the exhibition, a book version will be published and launched at the Private View on Thursday 30th September 2010 at the EASA Gallery, Manchester . The 160 page, hardback book features all 36 contact sheets and a selection of photographs from the exhibition.

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