Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Shortlisted Work - Woolgather Art Prize

I have created a site specific installation as my shortlisted work for the Woolgather Art Prize currently on show in Leeds City Centre, titled Aqua Chroma 2. Members of the public are invited to vote for their favourite work and will be entered into a draw to win all the shortlisted works of the 22 shortlisted artists. Everyone will be able to take away Aqua Chroma 2 in a free for all, however, one person will take away a signed limited edition print of a photograph of the installation.

I was asked by the Woolgather team to create a special piece for this award that would immerse viewers in an intense blast of pure colour; after discussion with them of how I felt the first time I stepped on a Jim Lambie floor piece years before. I felt sick. so... I asked the kind people from Vitamin Water to supply me with 3000 bottles of their very colourful product in order to make this installation.


I am interested in the aesthetic of densely packed and richly coloured arrangements and displays found in shops, markets and museums. In my work, I createssensory experiences in the form of richly saturated installations that immerse the viewer in a kaleidoscopic or optical environment.

Systems of ordering, classification and coding are applied in the development and generation of work. Boundaries are established, which determine both what is collected and where it is collected from. I am continually searching and collecting coloured objects ranging throughout the spectrum. Only purely coloured objects are gathered, disallowing any items that were made of more than one colour. I am concerned with the psychological influence of colour, its effect and sensory impact upon the viewer.


For more information on the Woolgather Art Prize:

E-mail: info@woolgatherartprize.com

31 Bond Street
Leeds, LS1 5BQ
Between Tesco Metro & Pret a Manger




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