Thursday, 26 January 2012

Talk for Textile Dept. Students for the Repeat Symposium at Norwich University College of the Arts

A while ago, Dr Hilary Carlisle (Dean of Faculty of Arts and Design) and Nick Rodgers (Course Leader) for BA Textiles invited me to give an artist talk to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd year students as part of their Repeat Symposium.

I discussed how I approached making work in different contexts, and illustrated this with examples of work made over the past 5 years. Initially, I talked about my collecting and how this influences my practice. I then discussed links with collecting to my work, including; 'Complementary Chart', a photographic project which involved making a work in the form of a 36exp. contact sheet where I arranged purely coloured objects in colour sequence, and how it was presented in an exhibition at the EASA HQ Gallery, Manchester. I then discussed 'Trolley's', a performance which was developed as an experiment with block colour in the supermarket. I then discussed my 'Chamber' installations and how rigorous in planning I have to be when constructing these on site, I also gave reference to the use of repeat in my work, as using mirrors in the 'Chambers' reflects the objects into infinity. I also showed them 'Aqua Chroma' a pattern based installation made from 3000 bottles. Lastly I showed the work of three artists that inspire me to make the work I do (based around large immersive created environments using colour or a mass of everyday objects). David Batchelor, Tara Donovan and Yoyoi Kusama all featured. There was time at the end for questions, and I was pleased that students were engaged enough to ask some excellent questions.

Other speakers were: Drusilla Cole; Keith Albarn and Claire Hart (Sanderson - Fabrics and Wallcoverings)

I thoroughly enjoyed giving the talk, and the positive responses from students and staff afterwards suggested that they found it most interesting and useful. I would really like to do more talks and would like to become more involved in teaching, so let me know if you (or someone you know) could provide such opportunities!

Here's a bit about the accompanying exhibition:

Associated with the prestigious textiles course at NUCA, who have created artefacts in response to the theme of 'Repeat'. Some works have been selected from current designers' output, whilst other exhibits have been produced specifically for the show. This show offers an opportunity to explore the notion of 'Repeat' within the practice of textiles design.

'Repeat' has been conceived and curated by University College academics Dr Hilary Carlisle, Dean of Faculty of Arts and Design, and the Course Leader for BA Textiles, Nick Rodgers. The exhibition draws on a range of contemporary textile practices and includes drawing, textiles, product, video, installation and design work.

'Repeat' refers to a fundamental theme within textiles and surface design and acknowledges its close association with textile manufacturing processes. In this show, exhibitors have been challenged to respond to the theme of 'Repeat' in relation to their own practice.

Martyn Blundell's video work explores the repetition of imagery and structure, whilst the work of John Macaulay exposes the repetition of everyday tasks in the form of screen-printed fabric. Designer Sarah Angold demonstrates her love of repetition and multiples in her lighting design and Nick Rodgers explores textile design through an investigation of numerical systems.

The show is accompanied by a symposium for students, which takes place on 25th January 2012.

Exhibitors include:

Les Bicknell
Martyn Blundell
Dr Hilary Carlisle
Jane Eastwood
John Macaulay
Zoe Miller
Louise Richardson
Jill Rodgers
Nick Rodgers
Grainne Swann
David Tudge
Alison Willoughby

Visitor information

Tuesday 10th January – Saturday 28th January
Open 12pm - 5pm (closed Sunday and Monday)
Exhibition open to the public, admission free.

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