Tuesday, 21 February 2012

My Work in Canvas & Cream Open Exhibition

Canvas & Cream Gallery, the revolutionary new concept South East London project space, launches its first open submission exhibition on Friday 17 February 2012 at 6pm.

Canvas and Cream is the idea of artist Dr Joanna Gore, along with her daughter, artist Emily Gore and partner Carpenter Paul Rushworth. The business is a family run social enterprise with an arts and environmental focus. The space includes an up-cycled dining room, arts workshop space, artist studios and an alternative therapy room as well as the dedicated gallery/project space, which will be hosting a vibrant creative events program throughout the year.

The Canvas & Cream exhibition was open to all artists living and working in the UK. Seventy eight artists applied for space in the exhibition and seventeen have been chosen to display their works, which range across an eclectic variety of mediums and styles from sculpture and carved glass to painting, digital enhancement and wood-relief prints.

Exhibiting artists include: Amanda Bracken , Andrew Ball , Ashley Hanson , Catherine Jacobs , Clare Winter, Estelle Jauneaud , Euan Stewart, Fay Watson, Hilary Tranter, Hugh Gilmour, Liz West , Mary-Jane Opie , Michael Coombs , Sirpa Pajunen-Moghissi , Susan Eyre, Theo Brooks, Will Frost.

Further information about the artists featured in the Open Submission Exhibition

Andrew Ball
Andrew’s works are elaborate, non-figurative digital compositions, drawing inspiration from characteristics of organic growth and structure, such as plants and architectural elements. His images display an exacting graphic quality, derived from a close interaction of colour, tone and line and an accent on space and light.

Amanda Bracken
Amanda explores aspects of cultural and painterly systems of colour, themes of light and weight, movement and stillness and the shifting nature of language, using 3D art works and drawings.

Theo Brooks
Theo present his collection of footware: “Seductive Qualities of Sneakers”, exploring the themes of desire and obsession within consumer behaviour in relation to urban fashion.

Michael Coombs
Michael make pieces that explore our perception of the world, inviting the viewer to look beyond their first impressions and to discover what is really presented to them. He investigates how we grasp on to objects to give stability to our understanding of an ever-changing world.

Susan Eyre
Working with textiles, print and mixed media, Susan’s practice uses collages to explore commonly held ideals reflected in archetypal romantic scenes and ideas of paradise set against an urban reality. Her interest is in discovering everyday experiences transformed by aspirations for the sublime.

Wilf Frost
Wilf is a seasoned veteran of the urban art movement and continues to reinvent his work as his views and the world changes. Currently his vibrant canvases incorporate people and animals in urban settings, with intriguing narrative themes.

Hugh Gilmour
Hugh’s sculptures and installations fuse the natural such as stone, wood and shell with the manmade and often kitsch elements of plastic, ornaments and beads.

Ashley Hanson
Ashley’s paintings are investigations into the dialogue and tensions between opposites: between the curved and the linear, liquidity and solidity, male and female, the natural and the man-made.

Catherine Jacobs
Catherine presents ‘Above and Beyond’, a new series of mixed media abstract landscape paintings on wooden blocks, created using an experimental process that combines the building up, layering, painting, washing away, re-layering and re-painting of materials with cross hatching drawing techniques.

Estelle Jauneaud
Estelle’s work derives from a fascination with exploratory graphics, and her creations emerge from the nexus of art and design. She is passionate about working and experimenting across multi-disciplined mediums and artistic sectors.

Mary-Jane Opie
Mary-Jane’s work studies the emotional relationship between humans and animals and explores the fine line between ‘adored pet’ and ‘power exerted over a dumb animal’. The viewer is invited to explore the canvas by means of details and ‘stories’ that take place in the background - enjoying the action but also becoming part of the joke.

Sirpa Pajunen-Moghissi
Sirpa’s paintings are suggestive of the hazy lines and shapes that evoke the snow-covered landscapes of her native Finland. In her latest work Sirpa uses her mother’s Seija-Marita Guttormsen’s woodcuts as a starting point to create memories and moments frozen in time.

Euan Stewart
Euan’s predominant subject is anatomy and a desire to map the human body and human condition. His work is driven by sequences, resulting from a life’s passion for the illustrated page.

Hilary Tranter
Hilary’s work experiments in mixed media, being open to accidentals. Her initial inspiration is rooted in observation, an experience, a fleeting moment or mood.

Fay Watson
Fay specialises in wood engravings, exploring the use of formal patterns and textures to convey aspects of her designs, and investigating the way the characteristics of the engraved line can influence and alter the original concept.

Liz West
Liz makes intensely coloured installation, video and photographic works from arrangements of found materials and consumer goods. Objects are densely arranged in orders or enclosed within constructed spaces to form compacted colour masses or gradations,

Clare Winter
Clare’s work probes the ageing body, society’s attitude towards older people, the history of understanding our bodies and, in turn, what it is to be human.

Further information about Canvas & Cream and how to reach us is available at www.canvasandcream.com

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