Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Colour Theory in Practice

I have been basing a lot of my new work and ideas on colour theory compositions that appear as diagrams in text books. Often very formal, these diagrams are heavily based on simple shapes and configurations such as Goethe's colour triangle or the circular spectrum.

I have been using materials already to hand in my studio, such as florescent markers, sharpie pens and my bulbs to mimic such arrangements and test ideas for future work.

I am enjoying taking my practice 'back to basics' in terms of amounts of materials and colours used. I think that possibly I have over-complicated things in past works; using too many elements that confuse and conflict against each other - as in my Chamber series. As beautiful as I think they were and happy to have produced them, I think there were too many concepts within them. 
1. the formal arrangements of objects. 
2. the saturation of objects. 
3. the use of found, 'recyclable' materials. 
4. the structure the mirrors used to encase the objects in..... 
... I could go on.

I am much happier with my most recent work (shown in exhibitions On Brown & Violet Grounds and Synthesis). I feel like my making process is more organic than it used to be. I have the chance to play and trial arrangements through drawing and psychically before taking installations into spaces rather than just taking the work directly into spaces. This middle-ground allows the work to be more rigorous in its approach and gives me time to adapt in my own time scale with no rush for a finished exhibition.

I am looking forward to working in new lighting mediums in the new year, potentially in neon and possibly using LEDs within my work for the first time. Watch this space...

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