Monday, 20 January 2014

Spring Cleaning

Its that time of year when I feel the insatiable need to clean and tidy all around me. Last week I decided to give my studio at Rogue a complete overhaul. This meant making room for a plan-chest that I have nabbed from my dad's cellar so therefore getting rid of a few other items to make room for it. This 'making room' turned into a manic tidy and throw out session....


As you can see from the mounting pile of rubbish in the photograph above, I was perhaps a little reckless in getting rid of certain bit and bobs I had been saving to use when I had the 'light bulb' moment sometime in the future. I got rid of my desk and more poignantly my wardrobe work 'The predicament of in here and out there' that was exhibited at Cornerhouse, Manchester in the exhibition FOUR this time last year. I removed the mirrors and kept them for another piece and sawed up the wooded piece of furniture to be used as firewood. Sad eh? It was just taking over the place and I had no intention of showing it again as I have moved on somewhat with my practice since then.

I even organised all my coloured objects into catagories, including separating all the bottle-tops from everything else. It REALLY needed doing!

Many full bin bags later I had an enviable studio, ready for the forthcoming year of creativeness. I now have shelves.... SHELVES! Shelves I quickly filled with my coloured light bulbs, pen pots and spray paints. Its rather tasty isn't it??? A good days work I'd say...


  1. Loving the plan chest Liz - always wanted one of those myself. You've done such a good job I wonder if you fancy sorting my studio out now?

  2. Thats what a lot of people have said. lol x