Friday, 27 June 2014

Dirty Nails and Stained Shoes...

Its been a while hasn't it?

I've missed writing.

Instead I have found myself busy in the studio for the past three weeks making a public commission for Turf Projects in Croydon (see previous post). I have come home everyday with paint stained fingernails, dirty paint-covered shoes, sore hands and a great sense of satisfaction.

I love pottering in my studio and I certainly like making things (small and large). This piece was always ambitious, and for the first time ever; it had to survive outdoors. I used yacht varnish to glaze the emulsion painted blocks, if this varnish can withstand the North Sea, it will certainly withstand the rain in Croydon.

Making this work has really opened my mind to how my practice could translate to other public commissions for outdoor work; obviously there are elements to consider that I wouldn't normally - electric supply, hard wearing, etc...

Its nice to be making a work that will be shown outside my home city (Manchester). I can't wait to see how a different audience respond and react to my work.

The work I have made is a crazy golf hole, which has had to be designed to be wholly playable (its a par 3 - I’m getting into the lingo!). 'Colour Intervals' for PUTT PUTT #2 uses artificial neon plastic colours derived from cities to create a miniature cityscape maze.

Unfortunately there is a slight twist to events that is stopping me (for the first time ever) to install the work myself and/or with my technician. I am disappointed not to be going to the site and setting up. I have to place my complete trust in others - I have faith!

Instead I am getting married! Don’t expect my name to change though. Whilst the curators and other artists are busy setting up I will be sunning myself on my honeymoon.

It has been over 4 years since I have been on a sunny holiday; one with beaches, abroad and with lovely Italian food – can you tell where I’m going? I think I deserve it and shall enjoy every minute.

On the 18th July, when PUTT PUTT #2 opens for the public to play, I shall be thinking of them as I scoff a gelato and a pasta dish.

I am looking forward, however, to the rest of the summer and making lots of new work. I have several very exciting projects to return home to. More information to come…

Happy hols folks!

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