Friday, 4 November 2011

Coloured objects needed for new installation work?

Hello everyone,

Instead of telling you about a new exhibition i'm in, today I am asking for your help! I am in the process of making some new, very exciting, large scale installation work in which I need masses of purely coloured objects. I have been collecting purely coloured objects now for a while myself but have nowhere near enough.

Here are the rules and stipulations I set for making this collection:
1. The objects can be any size, no matter how big or small.

2. The objects can be made of any material, ranging from; plastic, cardboard, glass, porcelain, wood, etc. The sky is the limit, use your imagination.

3. The objects HAVE to be purely one colour. Any other colours present on the item (including black or white) means the object does not qualify. However, in the case of objects like domestic bottles, labels can be peeled off or removed to reveal the pure colour underneath.

4. I collect ALL colours and tones with the exception of black, Including: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Purple, Orange, Pink, White, Brown, etc.

5. If you a kind enough to gather any objects for me, please hand them to me (or someone who knows me) at either Rogue Artists Studios, BLANKSPACE or my home (all Manchester based).

Thanks everyone...

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