Friday, 26 October 2012

'Beyond The Material World' Exhibition, York

My work is currently on show in York at Bar Lane Gallery. The exhibition opened last Saturday, but there is still a week left to see this facinating show, curated by Diana Ali and Jean Harlow. Open until 2nd November.

"International Association of Quantum Physics (IAQA) aim is to explore the art/science interface by participating in activities which aim to transform human understanding of the world in which we live. At present these include theories and philosophies incorporating sustainability, quantum theory, parallel worlds, Multiverse, higher dimensional spaces and cosmology.

The IAQA is a new contemporary art collective, based in the UK, comprising of Jean Harlow (Founder Artist) and Diana Ali (Curator Artist). The collective was initiated to unite artists whose work explores intuitively explores alternative visions and possible realities. This first show will feature work which explores the statement ‘Seeing Beyond the Material World’. It aims to be inspirational, encouraging others to reach out towards more positive and sustainable futures. We are taking the view that art can provide a platform for multiple expressions of social ideals.

Seventeen artists were selected to build an interactive space around their work’s focus. Each acts as a separate ‘world’, but is integrated with other exhibits occupying the same space. Together these therefore act as parallel worlds occupying the same space, but which are perceived in different ways. The audience is invited to participate and sometimes, to intervene within these different artistic spaces. Exhibits move away from static or fixed theories and viewpoints. The works considered depict transformation towards positive alternative futures: they consider change as an ongoing transformational process."


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