Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Autumn Newsletter... Coming up 2013!


Below is a quick update of various exhibitions and events that I am involved with in next few months and into the new year. Exciting times ahead!



Institute of Temporary Art

Div/sion of Power
Opening 16th November
Exhibition runs from 17th - 25th November

Liz West will be part of 'The Div/sion of Power' exhibition, curated/hosted by the Institute of Temporary Art at Didsbury Parsonage Trust. West will be making a new performance work on the opening night... don't miss it!

West states, "As a live performance I want to arrange my vast collection of single-coloured objects inside Didsbury Parsonage. I will respond to the space around me when assembling my collection. After I have finished my arrangement (using my own systems) I will open the work up for public engagement. I would like other people to arrange my collected objects using their own invented systems. Others could potentially use alternative spaces, tactics and select or deselect objects. This work questions how we each make choices, selections and categorise the everyday. Using found objects (recognisable from the world around us), each person reinvents the objects’ identity by including it in this ever-evolving work."  

Fletcher Moss Art Gallery
Didsbury Parsonage
Stenner Lane
M20 2RQ



Opening 25th January
Exhibition runs from 26th January - 24th February 2013

Liz is pleased to announce that she will be part of FOUR, an exhibition of four new commissions specifically created for the Cornerhouse show including work by Tristram Aver, Nicola Ellis, Kate Sully and Liz West. Curated and developed by Cornerhouse’s Young Curators team, three talented people from the Greater Manchester region, FOUR will feature inspiring and thought-provoking art that has been carefully selected from over 600 international applications.

West's new work will reference the domestic, presenting the vessel of a second-hand wooden wardrobe allowing the viewer a glimpse through the partially open doors. Inside, a video work will be mirrored to infinity, creating an immeasurable landscape within the wardrobe, alongside an endless expanse of single-colour objects that will glimmer and entice audiences to look further. The piece will continue the artist’s investigation into the use of physical constructs to experience the viewer’s own emotional and psychological relationships with colour.

70 Oxford Road
M1 5NH


WEYA After Ours


Liz West (UK) and Alana Tyson (Canada/UK) met at World Event Young Artists (WEYA) in Nottingham as two participating visual artists. After spending 10 days together at WEYA, they formed a close friendship and joint interest in the future of each other's careers. Both share many interests, one being obsessive behaviour, which is often implemented in the making of their work.

Liz and Alana intend to share their thoughts post WEYA on this blog: explaining how the World Event has helped them, discussing future exhibitions/works and inviting other WEYA artists to guest blog and join in the fun.


Revolutionary Sculpture Book

By Jac Scott
Published in 2014

Liz West is delighted to announce that she has been selected for inclusion in a new publication written by award winning artist and an associate of the Royal British Society of Sculptors; Jac Scott. ‘Revolutionary Sculpture: New Attitudes in Mixed-Media Art’ will be a visual feast featuring 30 international artists. The book will be published by The Crowood Press Ltd in 2014. 

Other artists selected are: Andre Woodward, Catherine Bertola, Elpida Hadzi-Vasileva, Liliana Porter, Mary Giehl, Marilene Oliver, Pascale Pollier, Kate MccGwire, Niko Neelova, Michael Shaw, YaYa Chou, Yuebin Gong, Peter Freeman, Paul Moss, Rachel Allen, Eliza Bennett, Awst & Walther, Andrew Burton, Noam Ben-Javov, Ricardo O'Nascimento, Stelios Manganis, Mark Houghton, Janet Curley-Cannon, Cath Keay, Liz West, David Alesworth, Dorcas Casey and Andrea Hasler.

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