Thursday, 13 February 2014

Construction Project Day #3

Day 3 was short but fruitful.

A simple arrangement of stacked T9 circular florescent bulbs covered with coloured filter transparencies alluded to the colour theory that when all colours (in light terms - not pigment) are combined the collective radiance is white light. 

Thinking about one of my critical feedback sessions (I hosted several in my studio last summer), I though about advice from independent curator Alex Hobdy. She suggested that if I look at any work in black and white and it works formally, conceptually and aesthetically, then it would work when in colour. With this advice in mind I documented all of day 3's work in both colour and in black and white.

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  1. I like idea that if the work 'works' in black and white it will work in colour also. A good thing to have in mind when you're so focused on colour, take it away and what do you have left, does it still do the right things? you would hope so!