Monday, 24 February 2014

Construction Project Day #7

Back to the drawing board... literally!

By using my photographs of pre-existing/past work and working on top of them, I have created ideas and/or proposals for new works. See if you can recognize any of the images or pieces?

 In the image below I have used grey electrical tape to cover the fluorescent bulbs on the photograph, stopping where the cables start to appear.

For this second image, I covered my light-work Tempo with sticky mirror; this lead me to think about what the work may look like if I was to develop it further using additional materials like mirrors, etc.

In this third image, I tried to discover what my colour-behind-acrylic would look like if isolated in a white field or space. Taking a photograph of past work "Dispersion of White" and using white paint to edit out the cables and other visual distraction.

The forth and final image again takes the notion of covering over an original work to create something completely different. This time I took tip-ex to create the white puddle. The substance seemed to have a really interesting reaction to the photo paper and started to peel, an unexpected element to the work, but it does not upset me.

I aim to continue with this line of testing as well as taking the work back into spatial arrangements.


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