Monday, 24 March 2014

Construction Project Day #13

Day 13 and already nearly two weeks of new ideas and making. From this time already my studio practice feels much healthier and my work is developing rapidly. I am enjoying getting in and spending time in my creatice space at Rogue Artists' Studios, I have used this facility more in 2014 than ever before. 

Today I invited my mum (Jenny West) into my studio to work in the same space together for the day, we both need encouragement from each other every once in a while - mother/daughter + artist-to-artist feedback is great. Mum/Jenny has been a practicing artist all my life, even undertaking a artists' residency at The Whitworth gallery when pregnant with me.
Drawing has been the main focus of Jenny West's practice for the last twenty years. "Initially the process of drawing was necessary to explore, plan and invent sculptural forms in order to prepare for their construction in three dimensions." Recently she has developed drawings which exploit the mathematical perspective and geometry of domestic objects, to produce delicate spatial drawings. By working directly onto the walls of buildings, unfolding and extending images out into the space with thread and wire, the work, no longer confined to illusory representation on a flat surface, has physically interacted with the fabric of the architecture leading the viewer on a journey through real space.
While she took over my desk making drawings/collages, I used the studio floor and walls to make further developments with my light-work. I added elements to my original construction - as you will be able to see from these photographs.

As the day progressed, I added and transformed the wall-based work to become a floor-based work:

ps. I do realise these are very Batchelor-esque. My mother was kind enough to point this out! 

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