Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Construction Project Day #9

As a development from Day 8, I have produced this work consisting of 3 flourescent stick-lights wrapped in primary coloured cellophane which stand on their corresponding coloured acrylic panel.

I would like to add to this work in terms of floor space covered and amount of lights used to test what it looks like and how much light is given off.

The bulbs were suspended from the ceiling by their power cords, the bulbs were not hung vertically (resembling designer lighting) or horizontally (as in my past works), instead an odd tension was created by hanging them at angles. This I preferred.

As you moved around the work the hue changed as did the formal arrangement and relationship between the lamps.  The reflection in the glossy acrylic sheets below added another important dimension which was necessary within the work, doubling the amount of light given out.





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