Monday, 7 April 2014

Construction Project Day #16

In the past few days an old friend of mine Gary Bolam sent me images of Andreas Nicolas Fischer's work. This is an artist that I have never come across, sadly, but I am glad to have been introduced now. Gary is great at sending over interesting works of sometimes lesser-known artists I am ashamed to say I have never heard of. 

In one of Andreas Nicolas Fischer's light works there is a lamp attached to the end of a pole, holding up a hole ridden sheet against the wall... remind you of anything? With this image firmly embossed within my subconsciousness, it was inevitable that a fluorescent tube would end up taped to the end of my copper pipe on day 16.

Leaning the pipe against a white wall in my studio in Manchester, I wondered what else I could add to the arrangement from materials already available around me. A gathering of coloured cellophane has been piled in the corner for a few weeks, I have been wanting to do something interesting with them rather than simply shining a light through to create coloured saturate blocks.

The I used the cellophane as translucent coloured coverings for the sticklight, which in turn threw out hues in all directions; over the walls, floor and rest of the space.

In retrospect looking back at these images, I realise that the mirror is an unnecessary addition to the work.

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