Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Construction Project Day #17

On day 17 I wanted to employ as few materials as possible to test a new idea. The configuration of a tripod using three primary coloured sticklights allows for a saturated glow around the whole space and the merging of primary colours into secondary colours on the surrounding walls, etc.

Taking the rules of this construction project to another level, I wanted to do away with the use of any adhesives, instead use the materials themselves to twine and connect themselves. The white electrical cables of the sticklights were perfect fasteners, as I decided to neatly wrap them around the top of the bulbs to create a join. 

This joining device was more steady than I had initially thought and held the structure in a firm position all day without the need for any other material.

The three transparent acrylic square sheets placed under each tripod leg acted as both reflective surfaces and colour opponents. They helped highlight the strength of the coloured light and created a alternative type of plinth for the structure to stand on. 

Later in the day I also experimented with the notion of using the acrylic sheets as part of the larger structure (placing them as an internal composite). They also held their own weight and held together without the aid of anything else.

This particular piece is simple. It has a fragility because of the materials holding their own weight which in turn creates a tension that I think has been apparent in other successful pieces within my Construction Project.

The light around the space is gentle and not as over powering as in previous works, yet in its subtly it draws attention to elements of the space that otherwise would not be noticed; this is also helped by the reflective acrylic sheets on/balanced on the floor.

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