Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Construction Project Day #18

Day 18 was full of doubt and uncertainty. After discussing my ideas (up to this point) at the weekend it seemed a hindrance, rather than helping me, it had halted my thinking. Each new idea that came into my head either didn't seem good enough as if it wasn't going to successful, so I though 'what was the point in making it!'

I had to pull myself together and just do it anyway. After a bucket of tea and some lunch I quickly constructed this tower of gleaming perspex sitting on a giant mirror, stacked using the closest thing to hand: spray cans.

As a suspected, I am not instantly drawn to this aesthetically or conceptually. The formal arrangement is sculptural (a merit), but the colours I had available aren't the right combination and the spray cans bring too much content. 

The elements I do think work, however, are the edges of the coloured perspex which glow. These lines are the success and maybe something I can draw upon at a later date. The double height of the stack is a delight when you lean over into the depth of the mirror; another element I could use again but not in this same formation.

Day 18 was brief. 

It taught me more about what I don't like and what I do like that any other day so far. I have really begun questioning every element of the process, something I was wary of doing before now as I just wanted freedom of thinking and the process to be very playful. 

It has got to the point where I want everything I make to get stronger and better than the last piece. There will still be playfulness in the development of work, but I want the construction to regain finesse, amalgamating it into the rest of my pre-exsiting practice.

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