Thursday, 22 May 2014

All good things come to an end...

I feel that my successful and fulfilling Construction Project has naturally come to an end. Intended as a two or three week project of consecutive days, instead I have spend 24 days over the last two months making test works of new ideas in my studio at Rogue in Manchester.

I feel liberated from the constants I felt I had, able to move freely around my mind in order to explore ideas, respond to space and in the selection of materials I choose.

Before the Construction Project I felt stuck. I set myself a set of simple rules to construct, document and deconstruct a piece everyday I got into my studio. I had to use whatever materials were around me, therefore I couldn't buy anything new.

I have now got to the point of reflection, whereby I am able to look back on the images I have taken and take time to think about which were successful, which weren't, which pieces had mileage and which I could refine. Some I could easily dismiss, others I am excited about taking further, some works are great just as they are, with no extra work needed. 

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