Friday, 2 May 2014

Construction Project Day #22

The question at the back of my mind yesterday was 'could I have the same effect without a light bulb?'

Depending of how you position the aluminum sheets, the strength of hue and colous of paint you use and ultimately the whiteness of the wall behind; you can achieve a successful, be it more subtle, delivery of this idea.

I know for certain that it would not have worked if one of the sheets had of remained blue. 
It would not have worked if the wall behind hadn't of been painted bright white. 
It would of helped if the floor had of been reflective or painted fresh either light grey or white. 
It might have helped if the metal sheets were larger (this would of also made a bigger impact on the space).

So many aspects contribute to the success of an idea that result in a work. This piece certainly demonstrates the painterly within my practice, without the need for electricity. This is somewhat of a breakthrough and a line of inquiry that I would like to explore further.

What this space. I am becoming brave!


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