Wednesday, 18 September 2013

DAY 2 of Install - On Brown and Violet Grounds

Day two of install was my first full day in the space. Feeling unashamedly undaunted by the space of the empty unit at Piccadilly place I set about arranging my materials. By dropping them in the location where I thought they may be needed would help me start work with a clear mind - albeit an organised one. My pile of 'stuff' was much bigger than the below image suggests, this is just a glimpse.


I decided to arrange all my sticklights against a wall in order to see the range of colour I had (the photo below shows a selection). Not only did this saturate and illuminate the space - as intended, but gave me a real-life colour chart to pick from when selecting what colours I needed for the installation/light work. As it reached around 5.30/6pm and the light outside became darker, the lights really popped and came into being. 

This is exactly why I have decided to open the space to the public on show days from 1-9pm - this will allow people to see how the change in light outside effects the work inside. I would say the best time to come will be early evening.

The biggest problem of the day came in the form of a 13ft banner that I had printed to hang in the most prominent window of the space, hoping that the commuters coming in and out of Piccadilly train station would see. I have to admit that I never thought about reaching the highest point in the tall window to hang the damn thing. After a few inquiries (begging) I found a fellow with a super tall ladder and my worries were seemingly over. I had a wander down to the shops and bought some sticky back hooks to hang the vinyl banner - ideal! It then took a few hours to hang the thing straight and get it looking tidy. Tears were cried...

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