Tuesday, 24 September 2013

DAY 8 of Install - On Brown and Violet Grounds

Day 8 of 10 was all about adding the finishing touches to both On Brown and Violet Grounds at Piccadilly Place (Opens TOMORROW - Wednesday 25th) and my studio at Rogue ready for Open Studios (opens Friday 27th).

At Rogue I started by typing out and printing the labels for all the work and then pinning them to the ply table top where all my drawings are laid out in my studio. I have made a separate price list, which is available on request (you can see it pinned to my notice board):

Then came a VERY exciting delivery; the documentary film which has been made by Jamie Hyde about my recent practice. With a running time of 11.45mins it is a perfect length to get a full insight into my work. I popped it straight into the DVD players set up at both Piccadilly Place at Rogue Studios. I can't wait for you to see it!

Everything seemed to be happening today, including the finalisation of a critical text written by Jack Welsh to coincide with the duel exhibition. Visitors will be able to pick up a complimentary copy in both venues. I spent the evening at home printing out the essay and their neat little coloured jackets ready to be stapled together tomorrow.

Its all nearly ready to go!

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