Sunday, 22 September 2013

DAY 6 of Install - On Brown and Violet Grounds

Day 6 of install was super busy and the most productive yet. It was a Saturday, which meant I got the help of the lovely Mark Devereux who knows a thing or two about curating. We systematically went around each work and element of the show to refine and finish it. We started by fixing the banner and hanging it back up. Job done! Lets hope it holds this time...

Next we concentrated on my newest work (the one I talked about in yesterdays post and the trouble with the cables). We decided to re-make it AGAIN as the black slug of a cable cover interfered with the work too much, so it needed a minor adjustment - all will become clear when you see the piece.

Next I played around with the giant mirror I brought with me. Below is a sneak peek at what I did with it. Although I must add that I decided not to use it in the end as it complicated the work, even though it was rather mesmerising seeing the reflections of the ceiling.

While we were installing, Mark insisted on having a break...

The third work was our next concentration. Without giving too much away, the problem with this piece has been the mass of wires trailing across the space to connect all the light elements. I have been testing this work all week and no configuration looked finished or right. In the end, I started again, repositioned all the cables and moved the work out into the space more. Below are some taster photos of SOME of the wires and the circular fluorescent bulbs I will be using:

We ended the day by hanging the framed drawings and lighting them, difficult as I didn't want the lighting for the drawings to take away from the intense glow created from the installations. Having said that I wanted the drawings to see seen, even when the daylight fades in the evening.

Day 7 will be all about Rogue, as I need to tidy and organise my studio ready for the Open Studios event next weekend. Details here:

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