Monday, 23 September 2013

DAY 7 of Install - On Brown and Violet Grounds

Day 7 of install was all about getting my studio tidy in preparation for Rogue Open Studios which opens on Friday (this week) all continues over the weekend.  I must say that I didn't intend to give it a deep clean - but I feel much better now for doing so!

I moved a few of my storage units and ordered my materials better - as you can see on the shelves (below). I moved my Cornerhouse commissioned work The predicament of in here and out there - a 1920's wardrobe concealing a coloured video work, in order to create more space in the entrance to my studio. It is now nestled in the corner - out of harms way and well wrapped up. 

For this years Open Studios I am simply laying out new works-on-paper on a wooden trestle table that have been produced as part of my Arts Council England Grants for the arts funding award. There are two framed works on the outside walls of my studio too, everything is for sale (for the first time EVER).

I have left my studio as it is when I am working in it, no curtains this year! I have left pinned up images on my inspiration wall (you can see below) and not hidden away my wood pile.

My work at Rogue Open Studios acts as duel exhibition to my show at Piccadilly Place. I have never shown works-on-paper so am doing so for the first time, nervously. I use un-conventional industrial and man-made materials, such as: electrical tape, aluminium and mirror in these pieces, which echo many of the materials utilized within my installation work. My two-dimensional explorations are driving new ideas within my practice and signal an important development from the successful colour-drenched Chamber series.

Although not an enthralling blog for day 7 - remember it was Sunday and it took longer than expected to organise everything...

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