Wednesday, 25 September 2013

DAY 9 of Install - On Brown and Violet Grounds

Day 9 of install was about those last minute adjustments and tidying the space ready for opening. I spent the morning at home stapling 100 copies of Jack's critical text together and printing off the gallery guide and list of works.

Then I had the miserable job of sweeping the dirty (probably never-been-cleaned-before) floor of Piccadilly Place - with a dustpan and brush. Yep, idiot West forgot to bring a sweeping broom. So on my knees I cleaning (if you have the image of Cinderella in your mind - it was no where near as glamorous!). Finally I taped down the wires on the floor, scrapped the ugly black-slug cable covers and polished the perspex and mirrors.

Now - the work is up, cables are tied, frames are on the walls, list of works is printed, the essay has been written, video shot and floors swept. All it needs now is you!!!

I will be opening the doors from 1-9pm everyday from 25th September (TODAY) until the 2nd October.

See you soon?

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