Friday, 20 September 2013

DAY 4 of Install - On Brown and Violet Grounds

I started the day painting a plinth I brought with me from my studio at Rogue and positioning a TV on top. This screen will show a newly commissioned video about my practice, my recent Arts Council England funding award and the new works I have been making. The video has been filmed and edited by my good friend Jamie Hyde, who filmed my 'In Conversation' as part of my Chroma solo exhibition at BLANKSPACE last July. This short film will also be shown in my studio space as part of Rogue Open Studios - on at the same time as On Brown and Violet Grounds.

I spent a little more time refining and rearranging the new and existing materials I had brought to Piccadilly Place with me. This included a giant mirror that I used in a past work. I may use it in a new piece, but so far it has remained in bubble-wrap:


Another job I had was to touch-up by re-painting my work from Barnaby Festival. While I was in my overalls and with roller in hand I also filled, sanded and painted the walls of the space. I am a real stickler for 'shit-hot' walls. It was drilled into me at art school, and for good reason. Beautiful, smooth walls allow there to be no distractions from the work.

The temptation is to hang one of my newly framed drawings on my newly painted walls that I prepared; however the walls will be part of one of my works, brightly reflecting the hues of emitted coloured light. 

Colour theory is magic!!!

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